Friday, September 10, 2010

One Of Those Days

Do you ever have a day when everything seems to go wrong from start to finish? Yesterday was one of those days for me. To start with, I didn’t feel well. In fact, I felt lousy! I had felt this way for several days before finally deciding to see my doctor who dubbed the condition sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics. The first dose was helpful, but far from an instant cure. The misery persisted.

But even as I longed to curl up in my warm bed and get some much-needed rest, I attempted to fix dinner for my husband and me. With the wonderful aroma of mouth-watering spaghetti sauce drifting through the house, I reached up in the cabinet to get a box of spaghetti, and was stunned when, as I pulled the box toward me, the bottom dropped open and thin spaghetti rained down all over my kitchen! Every last piece of it was on the floor, under cabinets, inside the heating vent and who knows where else? I’ll find it later.  

The two of us frantically began picking up handfuls of the uncooked pasta and depositing it in the trash can (who wants spaghetti laced with cat hair?) But then, another surprise! Suddenly aware that the spaghetti I had in my hand was dripping wet, I found a small puddle of water creeping out from under the refrigerator! What else could happen? This wasn’t the first time we’d been betrayed by this huge fair-weather friend whose sole purpose is to stand there day in and day out loyally preserving our food without complaining.

Feeling overwhelmed, I stomped my foot and yelled, “If anything else happens, I’m leaving!” It was one of those times when something stupid came out of my mouth that I instantly wished I could take back, but unfortunately, words once uttered cannot be retrieved.

So ... still feeling lousy, dinner very late, and refrigerator repairs necessary asap, I felt like going to bed and hiding under the covers until it was safe to come out. But I didn’t. Instead, I helped discard the rest of the widely scattered spaghetti, wiped up the water, put a heavy towel down to soak up any further drainage from the fridge, and ate dinner with my husband.

I wonder... why do we always laugh when days like this are behind us? Just think how much nicer it would be if we could see the humor at the time.

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