From time to time, I get questions along with comments at the bottom of my posts.  I'd like to reply to them when I can.  For instance, this question was asked in the post called,  A Summer Romance
 sam said...  come on peggy.was he really wearing pink pants. what were you and your friend drinking?  October 31, 2010  
 Yes, sam, he was really wearing pink pants.  I try to relate things in my posts that are as truthful as I can possibly remember them.  How could I forget that the guy I married was wearing pink pants, a pink checked shirt, and white buck shoes when I met him?  You're right, though.  I'd have to have been drinking to think that if it weren't true.

This is so good Peggy. I bet you teach Sunday School don't yoy?
By jimbob on Adversity on 10/22/10
No, Jimbob, I don't teach Sunday School. I was asked once, but didn't feel qualified.  I just write what I know and feel. Thanks for asking.

In the story, Buying Time,  sam said... you've really done it this time peg. This is heartbreaking and a wonderful story. Is it true? Monday, 08 November, 2010 ---  Yes, sam, it's true.  Everything I write about is a memory from my life. This one is especially painful.

sam said...  An Unforgettable Experience
Hey peg. you've had a lot of experiences. How old are you?  Sunday, 21 November, 2010 Hey Sam. I may consent to tell you my age if you tell me your gender.  Are you Samuel or Samantha?