Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Amazed!

“So long as one continues to be amazed, one can delay growing old.” 

As I pondered this quote, I asked myself if I am amazed about anything. It didn’t take long for the answer to come to me. Almost everything amazes me!

The fact that the sun comes up every morning and goes down every evening amazes me.

I am totally amazed by a full moon... especially over the ocean. I can think of nothing more amazing than the way the bright light dances on the waves as they roll in, kiss the shore and quickly leave again.

A newborn baby amazes me! Such perfection and innocence goes beyond amazement - all the way to incredulous!

Children of all ages amaze me. Their excitement and enthusiasm for life should be contagious - like a cold!

I am amazed by the elderly, too. They are also enthusiastic, but bolder. They have to be. Time is of the essence.

Animals amaze me – all of them: Dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits. They take life as it comes and give much more than they get. We all receive joy from just watching them.

Bears amaze me. I love bears! I've always wished I could make friends with a big, black, fuzzy bear, but knowing I'd probably become his dinner if I tried, has deterred me.

I am amazed by the size of elephants... 13,000 pounds or more... and the fact that they are reported to live for seventy or eighty years. 

I was amazed to learn when I was very young that broken hearts really do heal. It just takes time.

I am amazed that, even at my age, I still have a lot to learn...

And even more amazed that I really want to keep learning.

I never stop being amazed at the Internet! It is the essence of infinity!

The list is endless. I could go on and on.

Actually, if the above quote is true, I should live a very long life. In fact, I may grow very old while composing a list of things that amaze me! 


sam said...

I am amazed to at all the thinsgs that amaze you Peggy. you must be a happy person.

Jamie said...

This is amazing peg.