Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Art of Waiting Patiently

Mr. H. went for his pre-op testing today. Things went so badly that now I’m wondering if I’ll ever get him back to the hospital for surgery next week!
The weather didn’t help much either.
About the time he had to leave for his 1:45 appointment, black clouds gathered overhead and, in a matter of a few minutes, it was as dark as night! Torrential rain poured from the angry looking clouds and I, for one, didn’t enjoy it. Storms frighten me.
But hospital tests beckoned so Mr. H. drove on.
At the hospital, he had to park a long distance from the entrance, but fortunately for him, the rain had almost stopped.
Inside, he registered, was given a number and told to have a seat and his number would be called. He put the paper with the number 15 on it into his pocket and sat down to wait.
And wait he did!
At the beginning, there was only one woman waiting besides him.
This shouldn't take long, he thought.
But that was wishful thinking!
He watched while at least four new people entered the room, received a number and sat down – only to be called in very soon. They came, were called, and left with cotton taped to their arms all within a matter of twenty minutes or so while Mr. H. continued to wait.
He was beginning to feel ignored and about ready to leave when a nurse burst through the double doors and said, “Number fifteen.”
Mr. H. didn’t move. Finally, the young woman shouted his name. He jumped up and started toward her saying, “That paper’s been in my pocket so long, I forgot what the number was!” and then he added, “I was about to leave.”
She said, “How long have you been waiting?”
“An hour and twenty minutes,” he said.
“Oh, you’re lucky!” said she. “That’s not long at all!”
Lucky? How can you call waiting one hour and twenty minutes “lucky?”
And so... he had an EKG and a blood test and was finally on his way home, seething.
“If one more thing goes wrong,” he told me, “I won’t be going back!”
Neither of us is good at waiting. I once left a dentist’s office after a 45 minute wait. I went to the receptionist's desk and said, "I can't spend my whole day here. I'll come back when he has time for me." I was younger then and figured my time was just as important to me as his was to him. But after the dentist apologized profusely, I felt bad and vowed to be more tolerant in the future.
However, I’m still not sure I've mastered the art of waiting patiently.
And it’s clear that Mr. H. hasn’t.  
Ah, what exciting times lie ahead!


Jamie said...

That is a big problem. I've never understood why you have to wait so long to get medical treatment.
Good post Peg.

Dennis J. said...

I understand how Mr. H felt. don't blame him one bit.

Jim said...

I like this Peggy. We've all been through what Mr. H. went though and it's no fun. Good luck!

Sam said...

This is great Peggy. Your descriptions are better than anyone else's.

Karen Frazier said...

Funny story. I laughed out loud just picturing Mr. H.....can't imagine him in a snit! LOL

Sandie Bills said...

Lol, I hate to wait too. I usually bring something to read so I don't pay attention to the time. Prayers for his surgery. When is it?

Pam Childers said...

So, so true.

Drema Ward said...

You hurry to make the appointment on time, then sit and wait. If the appointment is at 11:00 then you should be seen at that time. If they can't see you at the appointed time then make it first come first serve.

Peggy~ said...

I agree, Drema. Why make appointments? Just tell everyone to come and wait their turn.

Diane Rollins Cook said...

I'm with you! I hate to wait. Once I went to my hairdresser to get a cut. I arrived a few minutes early, so I sat down to wait. When I saw my hairdresser standing with scissors in her hand, just talking to her customer, and it was15 minutes past my appointment time, I went to the receptionist and said "I'm leaving. She is just standing there talking, and I don't have time to wait." I drove home (about 5 min. drive), and when I got home there was a message from her, apologizing and asking me to call and make another appointment. No way. Sorry. Never went back.

Diane Rollins Cook said...

Love and prayers for you both!