Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Alien Ornament - 2018

      When I am old and wise, I shall gather my grandchildren around me and tell them about the alien ornaments their grandfather and I used to discover on our Christmas tree each year when we dismantled it. We were never certain who was responsible for the magical appearance of the strange ornaments but we had our suspicions, tho' no one has ever owned up to it. 

I think the grandchildren might enjoy seeing pictures of all of the ornaments that began to appear on our tree when some of them were too young to understand. Each ornament is very different. Whoever chose them had a colorful imagination and a desire to make others happy.

And they did!

We've enjoyed each and every one of these aliens and still get excited each time we find a new one -- even after all these years!

This is year number 12. Here is a picture of the beautiful ornament we discovered this year.

It appears to be a shiny pink doe wearing a genuine crocheted scarf. She's quite eye-catching! She was resting on a concealed branch of the tree when I found her. Looked as if she'd always been there - perhaps hiding from predators.

If you've never read my blogs, and are interested in what I'm talking about, you may go here and find out how it all got started.

Last year's ornament is here.


Joanne said...

Positively fantastic, Peggy! What a beautiful thing for someone to do. I love it. said...

So cute! You must love finding these every year.

MM said...

I wait each year to see if a new one comes out from hiding.

Peggy~ said...

I do, too! It’s a wonderful surprise that makes taking the tree down almost fun! ��

Jim said...

I think it’s so nice that you have someone in your family who takes the time to do this every year. How fortunate you are that someone cares that much! You must look forward to that little sulrprise every year.

Sam said...

Someone has a great imagination. What a surprise to find something new on your tree every year! So nice! I enjoyed reading about all of them. Thanks for adding links, Peg. Yes