Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Important Stuff

From time to time I look through my computer files to see if there's anything I can live without. I often find things that can be deleted, but more often, I find things I haven't seen for a long time and wonder why I saved them in the first place.

This was the case tonight when I ran across the following poem in a folder named IMPORTANT STUFF. It has no title or author. If anyone knows the poem and its missing details, I'd appreciate the information.

I dreamed death came the other night,
And heaven's gate swung wide.

 With kindly grace an angel came  
 And ushered me inside.

 And there, to my astonishment  
 Stood folks I'd known on earth.

 Some I had judged "most unfit"
 And others of "little worth."

 Indignant words rose to my lips  
 But never were set free.

 For everyone showed stunned surprise,
 No one expected me! 

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