Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7th

What can I say about the 7th day of September, 2010? My Weather Watcher on my computer says the temperature is back up to 92 degrees, much to my disappointment! I think I’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m waiting impatiently for cooler weather – more specifically, October. Until then, I find myself bored. While I wait, I'll share some trivia about September 7th.

On this day in history:

1916 - The New York Giants started setting a major league baseball record when they won the first of 26 consecutive games.

1921 - In Atlantic City, New Jersey, the first Miss America pageant was held. The first "Miss America" was sixteen-year-old Margaret Gorman. She was blonde, 5'1" tall, 108 pounds, and her figure measured 30-25-32. Atlantic City businessmen and reporters concocted the beauty contest to encourage tourists to stay in town beyond the Labor Day weekend.

1940 - In World War II, the German air force under Hermann Goering began its "Blitz" bombing campaign on London. More than 300 people were killed on this day alone.

1963 - In Canton, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was dedicated.

1966 - The last new episode of the "The Dick Van Dyke Show" aired on CBS-TV. Van Dyke played Rob Petrie, head comedy writer for "The Alan Brady Show". Rob worked with two other comedy writers, Sally (Rose Marie) and Buddy (Morey Amsterdam), both good friends of Rob and his wife Laura, played by Mary Tyler Moore. "The Dick Van Dyke Show" still lives in reruns.

1975 - The Cincinnati Reds won the National League West division title. The Big Red Machine set records when they won the division this early in the season and also got at record for winning it by 20 games.

1975 - Steve Anderson set a guitar picking record. Anderson, 22, picked his guitar for 114 hours, 7 minutes, breaking the previous record by over four hours.

1978 - Keith Moon, drummer with British rock group The Who, died after a drug overdose.

1978 - Former Beatle George Harrison married Olivia Arias.

1984 - The first Platinum charge card was issued by the American Express Company. Customers who paid $250 a year were able to charge over $10,000.

1986 - Miami Dolphin Dan Marino threw his 100th career touchdown pass, in his 44th NFL game, setting a record. The Dolphins still lost to the San Diego Chargers, 50-28.

1986 - After only three plays in the season, Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns, the new instant replay rule was put to the test. The rule, tossed out by the NFL, allowed an observer in the press box to overrule an official’s call.

Hope you paid attention.  There’ll be a quiz tomorrow!

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