Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet September

Ah, September!  Even as you signal the end of summer fun, I welcome you. As evenings grow shorter and cooler, children are nowhere to be seen or heard; the beginning of the school year enforces early baths and bedtime. I miss seeing them on bicycles, in pools, in their own back yards squealing as they pretend to dodge cool water from a sprinkler. Yes, I miss the kids... yet I welcome you.

Flower gardens wane; vegetable gardens flaunt their bounty; it’s harvest time. The sun is lower in the sky; days that were oppressive only a couple of weeks ago are suddenly bearable, though still sunny and warm, with nearly cloudless blue skies. Temperatures are dropping from fifteen to twenty degrees at night changing the air from warm to uncomfortably cool. The hum of crickets grows louder and fireflies have disappeared.

Ah, September, you are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul... and I welcome you enthusiastically! I invite you to stay a while, but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.

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george said...

good way to look at september. it is a nice month.

Adele said...

I just came over from today's post peg. This one from a year ago is very good. Everything you wrtie is good.