Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Day

Ah, Lovely October!

Ah, Lovely October! As you usher in the season that awakens my soul, your awesome beauty compels my spirit to soar like a leaf whirling in an autumn breeze and my heart to sing like a Heavenly choir.

 © 2016 ~Peggy Toney Horton

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What has Happened to the Neighborhood?

It’s a beautiful 82˚day where I live. Although I had things to do, I couldn’t resist taking a short walk in my neighborhood. It’s amazing what one can learn on one of these walks. I encountered five people and two dogs along the way and I don’t mind telling you, the dogs were much friendlier than the people.
I’ve lived in this neighborhood for many years, but an onlooker might have supposed that I was a newcomer. People seem almost afraid to speak to people they don’t know these days. I remember a time when I couldn’t go for a walk without getting involved in conversation with everyone I met. In those days, everyone walked mostly for the camaraderie. What started out to be a short walk always took a couple of hours.
But today was different. As a man cutting his grass looked my way, I smiled and said, “Hello,” but all I got back was a quick nod. A short time later, I saw two ladies walking toward me on the opposite side of the street. Gearing up for a friendly exchange, I readied my smile, but the two ladies barely managed a nervous “Hi,” as they walked on. Another woman sat in a rocking chair on her porch – rocking away. I said, “Hello, how’re you today?” She ignored me.
Just as I was checking to see if my shirt was unbuttoned or if I had mustard on my face, a big brown dog and a small white one ran toward me wagging all over and jumping on me as if I were a well-known friend. Their owner appeared on her porch and yelled, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”
“Sure is!” I yelled back, petting the dogs.
Heading toward home, I thought, “Well, one out of five ain’t bad, I guess. What has happened to the neighborhood? Where are all the friendly people? Are all neighborhoods like this – or only mine?”
Am I a scary looking person? If so, it didn’t just recently happen. I remember a time when I was much younger – and had more vinegar running through my veins; I was being ignored at a doctor’s office. I sat there for more than an hour past my appointment time. People kept arriving, getting called in to see the doctor and leaving while I sat twiddling my thumbs. I got angrier and angrier and finally couldn’t stand it any longer. I went to the window. The receptionist looked up and said, “May I help you?”
“Do I have two heads or something?” I inquired.
“What do you mean,” she asked.
“You’ve ignored me for more than an hour. If the doctor doesn’t have time for me, I’ll leave now and not waste any more of my day!”
After rustling around with some papers on her desk, the young girl, obviously embarrassed, said, “I’m so sorry! You’re next.”
Those were the good old days when people knew how to communicate!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Red House

Dreams intrigue me.
My son, whose opinion I often seek, assures me that dreams mean nothing. He says, “When you’ve been thinking about certain things and then you sleep, these things come out in your subconscious and you see pictures – similar to watching a movie. They are in no way prophetic!”
I’m not sure I agree.
I’ve had many dreams that later materialized in some unusual way. For instance, as a child, I once had a vivid dream of myself riding a blue bicycle. There was no obvious reason for it. I already had a green bicycle and wasn’t yearning for a new one. Yet, a few days later, when my birthday came, my dad took me to a store and bought me a beautiful new bicycle. I was thrilled and rode the shiny, blue bike home.  Do Dreams Come True.
A couple of nights ago, I dreamed my daughter yelled at me from a neighbor’s house, “C’mon, let’s go see the red house.”
Although I’d just gotten out of bed, was still in pajamas and had not combed my hair, I hurried out to meet my daughter, just as I was, so we could go see this red house. When we arrived at the house, we found Mr. H sitting on a bench talking with a man who lives nearby. They didn’t seem surprised to see us, but got up and followed us into the house.
This red house had been staged beautifully! I was mesmerized! From one room to another I ran, taking in every detail of the furniture and the house itself. There were many people looking at the house and no one seemed to notice that I was in my PJs and looking so disheveled. (Odd)
I finally told Mr. H that I must have this house – furniture and all! With nary a blink, he said, “Okay.” I was thrilled! Until daughter spoke up, “You can’t buy it. I already bought it.”
My heart sank and I started to cry like a child.
“You silly goose!” said my daughter, “I knew you’d like this red house so I bought it FOR you.”
I woke up laughing.
Wouldn't it be nice if this dream turned out like the one about the blue bicycle?