Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Aunts

I have two aunts. I’ve always loved them both. They loved me, too. One of them still does. 

We are born into love, and we grow up believing we’ll always have that love. Our parents love us; our siblings love us; aunts, uncles and cousins love us; we are taught to believe in a God who loves us, and if we’re lucky, we grow up and meet someone who loves us enough to make a wonderful life with us.

So with all that love surrounding a person his/her whole life, how does one suddenly stop loving? Is it possible they were never able to love? Perhaps they don’t love because they never felt loved themselves. Do some people miss out on the most important emotion of all?

Someone once said, “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to risk hurting yourself trying to put them back together.”

That said, I’ll tell you about my other aunt.

There’s no lack of love in her life! Everyone loves Aunt Bea. And she loves them back. She never complains about how she feels, but is always interested in how everyone else is. She really cares!

My husband and I are going to visit her soon! She’s so happy we’re coming. She will clean and cook and prepare all week for our visit. We’re looking forward to a wonderful visit with her. We’ll help her do some things to improve the way her computer performs. She’ll walk me all over her large yard showing me the beautiful flowers she planted in the spring and lovingly cared for all through the hot summer. Though I hardly know one flower from another, I’ll Oooo and Ahhh over each one just to see the pleased look on her sweet face. We’ll enjoy good food and good conversation and stay up later than we should.

It will be a pleasant few days. No doubt about it! And as we say our good-byes, Aunt Bea will hug me and tell me she loves me no less than five times, then stand on her front porch smiling and waving until we’re out of sight. That's the kind of aunt she is!

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jeanette said...

I'd like to meet Aunt Bea.