Thursday, April 26, 2018

Time is An Illusion ~Albert Einstein

     Only four more days of April left. One-third of the year has disappeared like a stone in deep water. April, my birth month, seems to come around faster every year. And when it’s over, I’m a year older.

    Time passes so fast, it makes me dizzy.

    Why didn’t it pass this quickly when I was a child? A day in school was l – o – n – g! A week was endless, and a year - infinite! From one Christmas to the next seemed to take forever, but now, we may as well leave the decorations out because we no sooner put them away until it’s time to take them out again.

     Just think. We’re almost into the second third of our “new year!" We’ve paid our income taxes – or received a refund – and we’re on our way to the next holiday.

     I think it’s interesting the way we measure time by the holidays. Now that the Easter candy and stuffed bunnies are off the shelves at the stores, there will soon be, if not already... oodles of flower arrangements for Memorial Day, the next holiday, at the end of May.

     And, for my family, in particular, June brings a flood of special occasions: we have five birthdays and Father’s Day! It seems the whole month is one of celebration... and gone before we know it. Immediately after, we have a big splash for the Fourth of July and mid-summer is in full swing! The hustle and bustle of summer activities makes me tired! It seems to me that everyone works so hard forcing themselves to “have fun.” It wears me out just watching. Forced fun doesn’t do a thing for me!

     It has to come naturally.

     I guess that’s why I long for the fall and winter months. It’s a restful time. What could be nicer than curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy fall evening or a snowy winter afternoon? 

     With the first third of the year already gone, I’d be wishing for the next third to pass as quickly – except for one thing:

      It would only put me closer to my next birthday! 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Birthday Boxes - Plural

                                                                      Box 1
                                                                               Box 2
“Don’t you dare touch that box!” said my daughter yesterday at the end of a texting session. And, to make matters worse, she added, “You’ll get another one in the mail tomorrow.”

“May I open it?” I asked innocently.

“No!” she said. “Your birthday’s not until Monday! Don’t open anything till then.”

“Geez!” I told Mr. H.  “That’s a lot of temptation! One box on Friday and another on Saturday and I can’t open either of them for two days! That’s sheer torture!”

He chuckled.

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and would like to know, you can check these links for the full story: 

I'm not sure if I can wait until Monday or not, but I'm gonna try. On closer inspection, Box 1 looks like someone has already broken the tape on the end and tried to take a peek.

I swear it wasn't me!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Such is Life~

     As I waited my turn in the doctor’s office yesterday, a woman started a conversation with me, “It’s kinda cool today, isn’t it?” she said. “Yeah, a little,” I said, “but that sun sure is nice!”  She nodded and there were a few moments of silence before she started again.
“I had to come out here to get a prescription. They don’t phone them in like they used to. I guess it’s ‘cause so many people get addicted to drugs.”
“Guess so,” I answered.
“Not me!” she said. “I’ve lived 82 years without getting addicted to that stuff. I’m not gonna start now.”
I smiled.  She continued. “I had a knee replacement and the doctor wanted me to take pain pills but I said, “No way! I’m not taking that stuff and getting addicted. So I got up and went home! My grandmother said I was the strongest person she’d ever seen.”
“What did you take for the pain?” I said—“Aspirin? Tylenol?”
“Nothing!” she said. “I just fought through it.”
“Wow!” I said, starting to doubt her word a little.
But she wasn’t finished. 
“You can’t tell anything about this weather, can you?” she continued. “I told Mom this morning there’s no use putting out any tomato plants until we’re sure it’s not gonna frost anymore.”
“Right!” I agreed. Finally! The young doctor’s assistant opened the door and said, “Mrs. Smith” and she went in.
Sitting there alone, I started processing what she’d said. Talking about her grandmother was easy enough, I guess. She was telling a story from the past, but if she just told “Mom” this morning that they shouldn’t put out any tomato plants, that sounds about as current as it gets! 
And if this brave lady, who needs no medication for joint replacements, is 82, I wonder how old Mom is.  
And is Dad going to plow the field this year?