Friday, February 4, 2011

From Closet to Closet

I’ve been cleaning and organizing closets. And not a minute too soon! For the past three years, it has been almost dangerous to open a closet door in my house. Every January first, I make the same New Year’s resolution—to reorganize every closet in my house! But there is always something more important to do... or at least I convince myself there is. However, one day last week, I decided to work on some craft projects, but I couldn’t remember where I had stored my box of craft supplies. Thus began a search of the first, and worst, closet. Hoping I could take out only a few containers in the front and find the items, I began. By the time I found them, I had reached the back of the closet and only a few bags of odds and ends remained.

Since everything was out in the middle of the floor, it made sense to go through it, get rid of what I no longer needed and put it back in a neater manner, therefore creating more room and, more importantly, making the closet look much nicer. After working two days and having to go shopping to purchase stackable plastic containers, the job was beginning to feel a little overwhelming. It’s surprising how much time it takes when your cleaning becomes a trip down memory lane each time you uncover an item that you haven’t seen for several years. It went something like this: “How could I possibly get rid of this?  My mother gave it to me on my fortieth birthday! Oh, look! The kids pooled their money to buy this for me one Mother’s Day. Here’s an old picture I’d forgotten about; it was taken on the Fourth of July. Have to keep that! I haven’t worn this old blouse for a long time. I’ll put it in the Goodwill box... no wait; on second thought, I’ve always liked it. Maybe I will wear it again.” And so it went... 

Many memories and difficult decisions later, the closet was finally finished... and I had found my craft supplies. Mission accomplished! 

Seeing that closet so neat made me want to move on to the second. So with a bit of enthusiasm about the possible discovery of more old treasures, I began. That room was a mess for another two days and I had to go out and purchase more storage boxes, but it was finally finished, too. What a good feeling!

Those two closets now look so nice that I find myself opening the doors several times a day just to enjoy their brand new tidiness! I plan to keep at it until I get the other six closets done. No doubt it will take a while, but it'll be worth it. Eventually, I may be spending a good part of my day just going from closet to closet to admire my accomplishments. Or not.


Anonymous said...

A new year makes you want to reorganize. Good post.

Jamie said...

when you finish yours peggy come and do mine. they look like the one in your picture. J--

sam said...

that's no fun peg. forget that and do something fun. sam

Anonymous said...

Oh Peggy, you put me to shame. I have a whole basement that looks like your 'before' closet. I told the kids, "Just burn it down when I die."
Cousin mj

Peggy~ said...

MJ - Before you give me too much credit, let me tell you... I have a basement that looks like that, too! I only straightened two closets. By the time I get the rest done, it'll be time to start all over. It's a never-ending job!
Good to hear from you, Cousin!