Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Same Road ~ Different Season

Today, I had an opportunity to travel the same country road that I wrote about months ago.  It was October when last I marveled at the beautiful scenery as I drove along this country road on a perfect, sunny fall day reminiscing about my past. In one place, lush, green, trees stood tall like soldiers on either side of the road leaning over just enough to touch at the top. This made that area much darker, like a tunnel.

What a difference four months makes! This road less traveled is still beautiful, but in a different way. It was cloudy today. The abundant trees along the road that were clothed in magnificent colors in October are now bare. Totally naked. But somehow, they’re not unattractive. Many of them are white birch trees which have a glow of their very own, though not as dazzling as red, orange and yellow leaves by any means.

When I approached what has become “my tunnel” in my mind, it was interesting to see that the naked trees on each side of the road were interspersed with evergreen trees - unnoticed in the fall - that made the area seem a little less drab. And yet, there was still a slight sense of traveling through a tunnel, especially when I finally emerged from the dim shadows of the tall trees.

The gray skies didn’t show off the old farm homes with their tin roofs to their best advantage, nor the bright red door on the white country church with the tall steeple, and I didn’t see the friendly old farmer bouncing along on his tractor, or the children frolicking with the big black dog, but I did see cattle grazing on the grassy knoll as I had in October. Of course cattle, unlike people, couldn’t care less whether the skies are sunny or gray.

I enjoyed my journey almost as much as before. Traveling on this lovely country road relaxes me like nothing else, no matter what the season. You should see how spectacular it is when it snows! 
If you missed my first story about this country road, you can see it here. You can catch the next one here.


sam said...

can't get through one without talking about the snow, can you peg. Nice little story though. keep em coming. sam

GrandmaS said...

Wow! Yes, many of us have walked or driven down the same kinds of hilly backroads. Your post brings back so many memories. A few years ago, I had a very vivid dream that I was walking down a similar road that was in a tunnel made by overhanging branches of trees. It was raining but I was happy to be led through what was a "friendly' tunnel and to feel the warm rain. I woke up right after the dream and I was sorry to be awake. I wanted to continue walking down the same road...

Anonymous said...

I really like this one peg. Your descriptions are unmatched and beautiful. Wish I could write like you.

Bob said...

good post peg. but they all are.

Pam said...

everyone i know reads your blog peg. we get together and discuss them. we all like them so much and wanted to tell you.

Peggy~ said...

Gee Pam, I feel so flattered! I want to thank you and your friends for reading my posts and letting me know that you like them. People like you keep me writing. I love it anyway, but it's so much nicer when people let me know they're enjoying what I write.
Thanks again to you and all your friends!