Friday, February 25, 2011

Does Time Really Pass This Fast?

My friend and I were talking yesterday when she said, “Can you believe February is almost gone already?” Admitting that it’s hard to believe, I joked, “Before we know it, we’ll be Christmas shopping again!” 

We both laughed heartily and then agreed that time does seems to be measured by the holidays. It wasn’t like that when we were kids. From one Christmas to the next seemed like an eternity then. We enjoyed every season thoroughly – with no hurried feeling. But now, the way one holiday is rushed upon us before the present one is completely over makes it seem like we’re on a merry-go-round that’s going so fast, we can’t get off – or even catch our breath.

Just a day after Christmas, Valentine candy appears on shelves in stores; hearts and flowers dominate for a few days and then before midnight on this day for lovers – Pouff!  All of the red, pink and white is transformed into springtime pastels. Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, and jelly beans are stacked on shelves only to disappear as quickly as they came. One could get trampled at Wal-Mart just trying to find exactly the right fuzzy little chick or bunny for a grandchild! People get serious about their Easter bunnies and chickens! They do!

All of a sudden, it’s Memorial Day and kids are growing more excited by the day knowing it’ll soon be time for school to be out for the summer. Soon after that, it’s vacations, sunburn, picnics, and Fourth of July celebrations. It all passes so fast and soon, the sun sinks lower in the sky, kids go back to school, we celebrate Labor Day and shop for mums, pumpkins and gourds. The leaves gradually change into a myriad of colors, frosty mornings make their debut, and the most magnificent season of all – autumn – entertains us for a short while. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas follow and, all too soon, another year has passed. I wish there were some way to slow it down.

I wonder... Does it really pass this fast, or does it only "seem" to when you get older?


sam said...

I think it only seems to peg... the older we get the faster it goes. no doubt about it. sam

Anonymous said...

never thought about time being driven by the holidays, but I guess your right. it does seem to be.

Alaina, Betty, janette, susan... said...

peggy, me and four of my friends meet every morning for coffee. the first thing we do is discuss what you wrote the night before. we all love the way you write. we agree that this post is veyr good. please keep it up. you have a fan club!