Monday, February 28, 2011

In Like A Lamb ~ Out Like A Lion

Hey Guys. Our “new year” is getting older by the minute. In just a little less than an hour, we will enter the third month of the year.  

What can I say about March? It’s mostly known for its gusty winds, but there are other memorable things as well. It’s a month when, in my part of the country, we start seeing all kinds of new growth shooting up out of the earth. If you planted bulbs in November, you’ll probably start to see the fruits of your labor this month. You will no doubt soon see spectacular fields of daffodils and you may or may not see tulips. They can bloom any time from late March until June, depending on the variety. Crocus have probably already come and gone along with early iris. Many trees are budding. At any rate, we’re seeing enough growth to give us hope that the long winter is behind us and spring is almost here. But don’t be fooled! March is very deceptive. One day, it will be spring-like and the next day will slip back into winter.

Weather-wise, one must be prepared for most anything in March in these parts. If we’re lucky, we’ll get typical early spring weather, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. There's even a chance of seeing temps in the 60s; anything above that is pretty unusual. It sometimes rains a lot in March, too. 

In contrast, some of the coldest, snowiest weather I can remember has come in March. We’ve had blizzards with 6-12" of snow. It’s not likely, but it has happened and could happen again!

That’s what I like about living in West Virginia. Almost every month is different; one never gets bored with the weather until mid-summer when the temps sometimes remain in the high 90s for days and nights on end. When this happens, there are some, like me, who start to long for the cooler days of October and November. Others love the heat! In other words, there is something for everyone.

If you don’t like the weather today, just be patient for about twenty-four hours. It's almost certain to change!


Anonymous said...

March is an unpredictable month. I like it though--spring is almost here. yea!

sam said...

we all know you like fall best peg but you have a while to go yet. hang in there. sam

sammi said...

I love March. I live in Illinois and it's the most beautiful month here. Sunny days but not too hot. It'll rain the whole month of April and then it gets too hot. March is ideal.

Anonymous said...

you paint a pretty picture peg.