Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twenty-Four Little Hours

Yesterday was so dark that I turned lights on all over the house and today, I almost need my sunglasses inside. The drastic difference made me think of an old song called, What a Difference a Day Makes. Maybe some of you remember it, too. It goes something like this: 

What a difference a day makes
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My mother used to sing it as she did her housework. It made me happy to hear my mother sing. She could actually carry a tune, too. And so could all of her siblings. I used to like nothing better than being at my grandmother’s house on a Saturday night when my uncles and aunts got together with their guitars and sang for hours. There was always lots of laughter, food and fun! After I was married and had a family of my own, I’d take my children for visits to my grandmother’s, too. That was many years ago, but their eyes still sparkle when they reminisce about those family song fests. Experiences that bring that much happiness live in the memory forever! Thankfully, the miserable ones seem to dim with the passing of time.

I’m afraid I didn’t inherit my mother’s vocal chords; certain people actually ask me not to sing! It’s the truth! The only time I can exercise my desire to belt out a song is when I’m by myself. Sometimes, when I’m alone in my car, I put on a favorite CD, make sure all the windows are up, and sing along at the top of my crackly voice to my heart’s content. Now and then, I enjoy myself so much that I take the long way home so I have more time for singing. I once had a dog  that barked at me every time I sang. How insulting that was!

Christmas Caroling?  No way!  I can go along, but only if I just move my mouth or hum. The same goes for church; I can lip-sync all I want, but no singing aloud for me!

But on this beautiful sunny day, it’s difficult to keep from singing. I’m alone, the cat’s asleep – and no one will hear me...  “What a Difference a Day makes... twenty-four little hours...”  


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Cute post peg. You do have fun don't you?

sam said...

Did we find something you can't do? I don't believe it peg. but then you might be kidding us. it's a good post anyway. sam

Anonymous said...

I can't sing either peggy. I don't even try. But I do like music a lot and I like to hear other people sing.

sandy said...

I can sing a little but I can't write pretty stories like you. I guess we don't sll have the same talent. do we?

GrandmaS said...

Speaking of 24 little hours it seems that, from my experience, as I get older, the days and the seasons rush by so fast. My sister comments on this, too. How different it was when we were children when 24 hours sometimes seemed to go on for a very long time. We need to appreciate the *TWENTY-FOUR* that we're given and, if that includes loud, off-key singing or turning up the music and dancing around the house just because you feel like it, then *AMEN* to that!

Peggy~ said...

You're so right! Amen to that!