Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Not Over Yet

Okay, I admit it. I was trying to rush the season last week. The temps went down ten degrees for a few days and nights and I started writing about fall. With glee, I might add. But alas! Today, it’s back in the nineties. Woe is me!

What can I say? It can’t be long. There are other signs that fall is breathing down our necks besides the changing temperatures and the missing fireflies. For one thing, the position of the sun has changed. Even my cat notices the difference. The big splashes of sun on the kitchen floor that she used to stretch out in for mid-morning naps are no longer there!

But Liza Jane, like me, isn't quick to accept things she doesn’t want to be true. So she stares longingly at those used-to-be havens that once kept her warm and cozy for hours. It’s as if she expects them to reappear if she stares long enough. 

I noticed this afternoon that she’d moved to the family room where I have thrown down a soft afghan for her lounging pleasure – assuming she’s in the mood. Today she was.

But sometimes, she prefers a pillow.

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Gina Lind said...

This is so cute, Peggy. Liza Jane is a beautiful cat.