Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Magic Highway

There was an eeriness about it today – the country road I feel compelled to write about each time I travel it. With nary a car traveling in the direction I was, and only a couple passing on the other side, I nearly had the five to six mile stretch all to myself. This is unusual.

This thoroughfare I’ve come to love was quite different on this mid-November afternoon than it was a month ago. White birch trees stood tall, their outstretched branches devoid of the magnificently colored leaves of only a few weeks ago. Their stately posture projected the attitude that they were braced for Mother Nature’s first assault, whether frost or snowfall.

The area I call "my tunnel" was darker than the rest of the highway even with the trees bare because many large evergreens cast ample shadows across it – as they stood guard while their taller neighbors were already resting for the winter.

The last time I wrote about this highway, I told you it was magical. It’s true! I sense it every time. It’s impossible to drive the route and be stressed or unhappy. Whether I travel this road in the springtime when trees are budding and everything is brand new, or in summer, when vegetation is lush and green – creating a darker tunnel than any other season, in autumn, when the foliage is so breathtakingly beautiful that one drives more slowly just to take it all in, or in the deep of winter when a blanket of snow covers the whole thing with freshness and tranquility, I always return home relaxed and happy. 

I can’t explain it. But it makes my heart sing!  


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Anonymous said...

I look forward to these posts about your magical highway. always interesting.

Jim said...

I like this peg. Very good. I'd love to see your magic road. Jim

sam said...

good post as always peg. sam

Alexandria S. said...

This is wonderful! All of your stories about the magic road are wonderful. It comes through loud and clear how much you love it and it's fun to read your descriptions. You certainly have a way with words. Keep up the good work!

luella said...

Very nice peg. I love your stories.