Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Raccoons In Your Attic?

Have you ever been overcome with a sudden attack of “silliness?” Once in a while, a totally ridiculous image forms in my mind while another person is speaking and I can’t help but giggle before he/she finishes. That happened today while I was chatting with my friend, Carol, on the phone.

Carol was telling me that she’d been having trouble with her new air conditioning system. She’d had a service man twice and was still having problems. The first time he came, he checked the new unit and told her he found nothing wrong. But the thermostat kept climbing during the hottest part of the day despite her setting it for a lower temperature.

The service man came back, checked things again and still found nothing wrong. A quick check of the thermostat convinced him that this could be the problem, so he put a new one in and told her to watch it and let him know if it changed things. It didn’t.

She called him back the next day and he said, “Well, we’ll have to get into your attic. Sometimes, raccoons get in attics and knock the ductwork loose.  That could be your problem.”

“How do you get into your attic?” I asked.
“There’s a pull-down ladder in the garage,” Carol answered.
Instantly getting a mental picture that amused me, and struggling to hold back a full-blown laugh, I said, “Do you think raccoons are strong enough to pull that ladder down?”


And then, we both burst into unrestrained laughter that lasted for at least two minutes. Carol finally said, “Dyed your hair blonde, did you?”

That's the kind of friendship we have. Flexible and fun!


ginni said...

Hilarious! Yes, I've had sudden silliness. It's so much fun if you just give in to it and enjoy it.
Good post peg.

sam said...

this is great peg. you do have fun don't you. sam

Anonymous said...

I love this post peggy. very funny!

Fran said...

very funny post.You tell a good story. keep it up.

hannah said...

So cute. This happens to me all the time. someones telling a story and I start thinking of something and can't keep from laughing. they wonder if your laughing at them and its awkward. I know exactly what you mean. it's good you have a friend like Carol.