Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puddles Of Light

This afternoon, I was talking to my son who lives about ten miles away, just across the Interstate. We are separated by a small mountain. He vowed the sun was shining through his windows creating puddles of light on the floor for his cat to enjoy. I laughed because I thought he was joking. I hadn’t seen the sun all day! The sky was overcast in my neighborhood and had been for two days. He assured me he was telling the truth. I wondered why the sun was avoiding me and paying a visit to my son instead.

Later, after dinner, I spotted it – shining brighter than usual – its outstretched rays more golden than yellow. How exciting! After hiding out for two days, it had staged a most impressive comeback. I felt like Trixie, a cute little imp who lives in the comic pages. Crawling around on the floor, her life revolves around the appearances and disappearances of “her sunbeam.” She has conversations with it – about it – and sometimes, has to compete with the family dog to take a nap in the warm bright spot it provides. And after it’s been gone for a while, she’s always delighted when it reappears.
Some say that time is our most valuable commodity. But if we could find a way to package it and sell it, I’m sure sunshine would be number one in no time.

 I’d vote for it!


betsy said...

I agree. Sunshine would win hands down if we could package it and sell it. I hate cloudy days like you do peg.

Anonymous said...

I think we all agree that sunshine makes us happier. good post peg.

jimbob said...

I like this. and I feel the same. I'd move anywhere that it was sunny all the time.

sam said...

good thinking peg. sunshine in a package. I like it. sam