Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear God

Dear God,

I made a careless comment that hurt someone else. I feel terrible! My heart hurts and I don’t know how to make it stop.

A good friend said I did nothing wrong. He said I had no reason to feel bad. He said I should let it go. I love him for trying to help, but he is wrong. I must have done something dreadful or I wouldn’t be so sad. After I uttered the thoughtless words, I immediately apologized, but it didn’t make things better. I continued to feel like crying for hours. I talked to You about it, but You gave me no peace. Are You angry with me, too?
Perhaps time will heal the wounds for both of us.
That’s the bad thing about words. Once spoken, they can never be retrieved. How nice it would be if one could only inhale them back to where they came and erase them so they can never be heard. Mistakes are a natural part of learning to live in this world—just as falling down is a natural part of learning to walk. But when I make a serious mistake, I sometimes find it hard to forgive myself for what I’ve said or done. Yet, I know I cannot make amends if I remain in a cycle of self-blame or criticism. So I must take responsibility for my actions and do my best to resolve the situation. After a heartfelt apology and a change in my behavior, I trust You to guide me. By Your grace, I will be able to forgive myself - and perhaps, in time, the person I hurt will forgive me, too.

Thank You for always being there to help!


luella said...

Peggy, we all say and do things we're sorry for later. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing the right thing by talking to God. That's where the answer is. Hope you feel better soon.

sam said...

we all do it peg. you apologized. Now let it go. good post. sam

Jamie said...

Great thing to do. show the world you aren't ashamed to talk to God about your problems. Hope this works out for you soon. Jamie

Anonymous said...

time heals all wounds peg. I'm sure your friend will forgive you. It hurts the person who holds the grudge worse than the one they hold it against. God bless you.

susan said...

You express yourself so well peggy. I can't imagine what you did that is worrying you so much but it can't be that bad. Forgive yourself and move on.