Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today's Daily Word

Inner Peace
I am calm and serene.
Nothing can disturb me without my permission.  For that reason, I begin my day with a choice for peace. Regardless of external events, the length or urgency of my to-do list, or the activity of my busy mind, I find peace within.

As I become quiet and aware of my thoughts and emotions, I am not sidetracked by any rash reaction to turmoil.  I focus my attention on my breathing, close my eyes and envision the tranquility of Spirit. I am calm as I make a few simple choices for peace: I smile; I turn the television off; I shut down the computer.

A few moments in prayer or meditation attune me to the serenity within.  In Spirit, I am calm, serene and undisturbed.
Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace.--Isaiah 26:3


Anonymous said...

What a nice way to start the day. Beautiful!

sam said...

Thanks for this little reminder that we should start the day in peace and quiet instead of rushed and in turmoil. Good one peg. sam

luella said...

Love this. thanks peg.

Su Bluebird said...

"Blessed are the peacemakers..."
Thanks for reminding us that a part of the peace that we long for - for ourselves, our family, and our community - comes from a step back, a deep breath, and a whisper of a prayer.