Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Special Witches

     My daughter and I were talking one day about how quickly time passes.  Even though the temperatures were still reaching the nineties almost every day, we were ten days into August and we who live in this part of the country know that the weather could change drastically any day now. Usually, by the end of August - sometimes earlier - you literally start to smell fall in the air. Suddenly the sunny days are cooler, skies bluer, and nights are almost cold. The constant humming of crickets fills the air, and leaves start to change into a myriad of colors as Mother Nature prepares to flaunt her most magnificent season!
     My daughter, who loves fall as much as I do, confessed that one of the reasons she loves it is because she looks forward to Halloween. Then we started to reminisce about past Halloweens. One of our favorites was a few years ago when Izzy, the newest member of our family at the time, was dressed up as a witch. She looked so cute! 

Coincidentally, Izzy's Aunt Toney dressed as a witch that year, too.


Anonymous said...

Two cute witches.

sam said...

Izzy and her aunt tony make good witches..... but neither one of them is scary.