Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few More Days Would Have Been Nice

Just a few days ago, I was excitedly describing the beautiful orange maple tree in my front yard. Well, guess what? Millions of orange and yellow maple leaves now cover my front yard. I swear, they're ankle-deep! And the few left on the tree are letting go willingly as the gentle October breeze nudges them. The scene seems equivalent to an overnight snowfall in January – when you go to sleep in one kind of world and awaken in another. I think it’s odd, too, that the maple tree is nearly naked while a pear tree standing a few feet from it is still covered with shiny dark green leaves. It’s as if the ornamental pear tree allows me a last look at summer even as I savor autumn days.

How the changing seasons delight me! Spring with the sudden appearance of a warm, yellow sun, welcome after a long, cold winter; showers that assist the sun in the gentle awakening of sleeping violets, crocus and daffodils. Summer with its sometimes unbearable heat and humidity; lightning and thunderstorms that both frighten and amaze us; evenings filled with the giggles of children as they play a variety of games or catch lightening bugs. My beloved autumn who flaunts her azure sky, brilliantly colored foliage, shorter days, and a quietness that foretells a more restful time ahead. Winter with its cold gray days, long nights, unexpected snowfalls that delight children of all ages, and joyous holidays that bring families together in loving celebration.

With only ten days left of the month I eagerly anticipate all year, I plan to enjoy each one to the fullest. But I must admit, while a few more days of admiring my beautifully clad maple tree would have been nice, I just can't wait for the first big snowfall!

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sam said...

Peggy you seem to love all the seasons.I think you are a happy person. it's good to find something good in everything.