Sunday, September 18, 2011

West Virginia Country Road~

 What could be better than driving along leisurely on a sunny Saturday afternoon, listening to your favorite music? For me, it could only be better if I were driving on one particular country road – in mid-September.

You guessed it! I was back on my favorite thoroughfare yesterday. I don’t drive it often because I, like everyone else, am always in a hurry these days, but I treat myself about four times a year. Each season has something special to offer here. I’ve written about this road twice before; once, in October and again in February. Both times were very different from yesterday, but all were beautiful! You see, there’s something magical about this two-lane highway. It’s impossible to drive it and be unhappy. It "takes me away" – even better than Calgon.

From the moment I leave the city limits of my small town, I sense the magic. All stress begins to disappear, and I can think of nothing but good things. I always return home feeling relaxed and happy.

Lush green trees line the road on each side. Sunbeams force their way around the abundant leaves and dapple a design on the blacktop. The leaves are tipped with a hint of orange and yellow... allowing a small preview of the vibrant colors to come.

Farmhouses, at least a hundred years old, stand proudly on hillsides, sunshine reflecting off their metal roofs. Barns and silos accompany some of them. The few newer brick ranchers are finally beginning to take on a look of permanence, as they are aging and not appearing as out of place as they once did.

Black and white cows graze casually, giving one the feeling that they have always been there. A few small children romp and play, taking advantage of the beautiful afternoon. There is almost no traffic. I pass only one car each direction.

I soon come to what I call “my tunnel,” which is fashioned by luxuriant trees leaning over the highway and touching at the top. This produces near-darkness for about a quarter of a mile. Driving through it makes the light seem much brighter when I emerge from the other side.

Whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul, I recall the memory of warm, sunny mid-September afternoons like this one, and the time spent on this enchanted country road...

And it comforts me greatly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd like to drive this country road with you peg. sounds nice. seems to hypnotize you. Jeaneatte

Anonymous said...

beautiful peg. makes me want to see this road. tell us where it is.

Jim said...

Nice! Jim

sam said...

beautiful post as always peg. sam

luella said...

So beautiful! Your descriptions can't be beaten. I love the way you write peg! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The last time I entered West Virginia was about 35 years ago to explore caves with my children. Just as we crossed the river and entered WV, John Denver broke out with the song Country Roads. I was emotionally overwhelmed, as I was again tonight with your story. WV has marked me for life. Thanks, Peggy.