Friday, September 9, 2011

A Day Without Sunshine

When I awakened this morning, I felt like Trixie again. You know, the funny little child in the comic pages who crawls around on the floor all day looking for her “sunbeam.” When it finally appears, she is so happy!

I was happy, too. I hadn’t seen the sun for four days and was beginning to feel a little “down.” But there it was – waiting patiently and brightly – when I opened my eyes. Sunshine is the only thing that gets me out of bed without complaining, or at least groaning a little. So up I jumped, made my bed, got dressed and went to the kitchen for my OJ and that wonderful first cup of tea. Why is the first cup of the day always the best? (Another blog).

A day without sunshine is a day without accomplishment for me. No sun, no work for this gal. I only labor when the sun charges my batteries. So I had big plans for today and the list was long after four days. I was geared up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, though, it was all for naught. By the time I finished eating my breakfast, the skies were gray again and it was starting to rain. We didn’t even get “one day in a row” of sunshine!

Do you suppose Mother Nature has forgotten that it’s September – a time for warm sunny days, blue skies, foliage that displays just a hint of color and cooler nights? Nah! She wouldn’t do that. She’s just a little slow getting started this year. We must be patient like Trixie, who faithfully watches and waits for her sunbeam.

One day soon, September, as we know it, will show up and be just as special as we knew she’d be; then, with all the elegance that we’ve come to expect of her, she’ll escort us ever so gently into a spectacular October.

And that’s when we’ll know it was worth the wait.


sam said...

i thought it was about time peg. it's your time of year and i must say, you do write beautiful prose about the seasons. sam

jimbob said...

I hate the dreary days, too peg. But you're right. when the sun finally shines we appreciate it so much!

sandi said...

Nice one peg.

Anonymous said...

It's not raining where I am peg. Skies are blue here in GA. I'm sorry you don't have sunshine. Good post.

katie said...

Beautifully done, Peggy!

Anonymous said...

Peggy, you seem to have something worthwhle to say wach day. Everyone loves your writing. Yes, it must be true . . . Somewhere in Heaven Your Mother IS Smiling!