Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Music Isn't There

There was a time when I was young that life was oh, so grand
I’m sure I wasn’t worthy of such a perfect hand
I walked along the seashore, the moonlight on my hair
I woke at dawn and laughed and sang, I didn’t have a care. 

The world spun round for me alone, and all good things were mine
I thought that it would never change, life always would be fine.
But I don’t have to tell you ~ you know as well as I
Good things don’t last forever, we sometimes have to cry. 

One day there came into my life a special kind of friend
I thought of nothing day and night but spending time with him
He said he'd love me always, and never would depart
Then he grew bored and went away, shattering my heart. 

And now, I walk along the shore, the moonlight on my hair
I wake at dawn but when I sing, the music isn’t there;
Neither is there laughter, nor does the world still twirl
Nothing good is left for me; I’m just a lonely girl. 
                                                                      ~ ©1998pth

8 comments: said...

is there no end to your talent peg? didn't know you wrote poetry to. I really like this. very nice!

Jane said...

I love this poem Peggy. Do you have any more?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog post. I love poems.

luella said...

Very pretty poem. I enjoyed reading it.

Susan said...

If you have more poems, I'd love to read them Peggy. This one is very good!

Claire Swenson said...

You're so gifted Peggy! ♥

Peggy~ said...

Gosh, thank you, Claire! ♥

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