Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Piece of Cake

Twice a year, the church I attend hosts a Red Cross Blood Drive. For the past two years (four times), I have been recruited to work during the five hour drive – checking people in or making sure they eat and drink something after they give blood. Most of the workers attend the church, but a few don’t. At any rate, everyone knows everyone else and we have a good time.
I worked one of those drives today. In a quiet moment, I couldn’t help thinking about the first time I gave blood. And the second.
My first time went smoothly. I was in and out in no time, without a hitch. So, when the opportunity arose again, I wasn’t the least bit nervous about it and invited my young daughter, about 20 at the time, to go along and do a good thing also.  She went – reluctantly.
Because she was so nervous and afraid, and I feared she’d back out, I kept telling her there was nothing to it. “A piece of cake!” I said.
We both passed the little test that is given before they allow you to give blood. And, after answering a lot of questions, we were each instructed to lie on a table and were readied for the blood to be drawn. We were only about four feet apart and I could tell she was getting more nervous by the second. I kept saying things like, “It’s no big deal.”
“Doesn’t hurt a bit. There’s nothing to it.”
Once we were both hooked up and the blood was leaving our bodies and going through a small tube into a plastic bag, she began to relax. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, feeling better about her.
But guess what?
I began to feel queasy!  Dizzy!  Hot!  The room was spinning and I was sure I was going to throw up. I motioned for a nurse and told her I was gonna be sick. I thought she’d immediately unhook me and let me go – but no!  She cranked the head of my cot down and then down some more until I was almost standing on my head. All I could think was, I’m gonna up-chuck and, lying upside down like this, I’ll choke to death!
Doesn’t anyone care?
Everything was a little out of focus but I couldn’t forget about my daughter lying over there. I wonder how she’s doing? I kept thinking.
Then, suddenly, she was standing beside me. And a nurse appeared and told me I was finished and started helping me up. Relief!
She said, “Please go into the next room and have some wafers and orange juice and sit for a while before you leave.” We nodded.
As we walked out, my daughter said dryly, “You were right, Mother. It was a piece of cake. Nuthin’ to it!”
I never gave blood again!


Dennis J. said...

That's funny Peggy. Your daughter must have enjoyed it. good post!

Jim said...

Too bad you got so sick. That happens when you don't eat. You could try it again but eat first.

Claire Swenson said...

LOL Peggy! I think you should try again. Someone should take pictures and post them this time.

Danielle Hochvater said...


Anonymous said...

What a funny thing to happen. You trying to help your daughter and got sick yourself. Cute.

Peggy~ said...

I think I'll pass, Claire! In all the time I've been helping at the blood drives, I've never seen anyone else get sick. I'm just plain weird! :)

Audria Thomason Botkin said...

We appreciate your assistance with the blood drives!

The Real Cie said...

This happened to me too. My veins are so hard to find any more that I really can't give blood. Last time I did, they had to flip my legs over my head because I got confused and stood up and tried to walk away.