Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Downhill Side

I have nothing against them, but when you have as many as my family does, you get a little bogged down and almost dread the next one.
We’re a large family. Starting in February, we have at least one birthday every month until November. Some months have two, November has three and June has four plus Father’s Day.
And then, of course, December brings the biggest and most important celebration of all. Everyone celebrates that. At least, everyone I know.
So it seems we’re celebrating every month of the year except January. We really look forward to that month! We desperately need it to recover from all the celebrations—to rest up so we can start all over again in February.
June – our worst month – is the half-way point. We had a birthday get-together this evening for our eldest son. That made two birthdays and Father’s Day behind us. We have two more birthdays before the month is over and then we’ll be on the downhill side.

Now that might be a reason to celebrate!



Anonymous said...

I can empathize peggy. Our family has a lot of special occasions too. Fun but to much sometimes.

Cal said...

To much of a good thing huh? I know what you mean. said...

Sounds like a lot of celebrating Peggy... but thers's nothing like family. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

you do have a big family. I only have one son. I almost envy you.

DennisJ. said...

Nice to have a large family Peg. I come from a family of six kids. We had a lot of fun. Sounds like your family does to.