Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writer's Block

I write about whatever strikes my fancy on any given day—from the weather to my fear of birds. I have a large family and no one is exempt from my musings: husband, children, grandchildren, my cat, Liza... nor friends and acquaintances.

But lately, I’ve had a touch of writer’s block. I can’t seem to come up with things to write about the way I could a few months ago. I suppose I’ll get over it. I’m told that everyone is plagued with it at one time or another.

Last year, I was in sync with all the holidays, sending an essay about each one to the newspaper in plenty of time for it to be published on or around the special day. This year is different.

I completely forgot that Mother’s Day was near when I sent my column to the paper last week! Instead of writing a lot of heart-warming thoughts about mothers, I struggled until I came up with something else I hoped might touch people’s hearts. But when I realized what I’d done – after it was too late – I was angry with myself!

How could I forget about Mother’s Day? I think of my mother every day, even though she’s been gone for almost eight years. You never forget a mother's influence.

Nor her love.

I’m a mother myself. That should have made me remember – especially when one of my sons called a week early to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day! He was embarrassed to find out it wasn’t until the next Sunday until he did some checking and learned that the Nitro city calendar had marked May 6th as Mother’s Day. He felt vindicated! I was happy for him.

My daughter, who lives in NC, always sends a nice package. Early. She knows that, like a child, it’s almost impossible for me to wait until the day of the occasion to open the gift. I think she does it to taunt me!

At one time, I didn't give it a thought. I’d just go ahead and open the box as soon as it arrived, even if it was three days early! When she found out, she complained, but I didn’t care. I just promised to do better the next time. However, a few weeks ago, on my birthday, I finally did it! My birthday was on Monday. The package arrived the previous Thursday. Four days early!

Determined to at least try, I immediately took the box to an unused bedroom and placed it in a spot where I wouldn’t easily see it when I passed that room. Once or twice, I admit, I sneaked into the room, picked up the package and, biting my bottom lip, tried to imagine what might be inside before putting it back down.

My daughter is such a wonderful gift buyer. Her boxes are always chock-full of goodies. Never just one thing, but one main item and then about a half dozen little things: lip-gloss, body lotion, nail polish, earrings, perhaps a book – you know, lots of little fun things. Waiting four days was difficult for me, but guess what? I made it!

When I told her, she said, “See. You do have will power. I knew you could do it.”

And so... my Mother’s Day package came today. Two days early. I’m not sure I can pull it off this time. My mood is different. Being a bit stressed about my writer’s block and all, I may need a little pick-me-up.

Besides, my bottom lip is already sore and I still have another whole day to go!


Diana said...

If you've got writer's block it doesn't show. This is great! I love the way you describe your daughters gifts. good post peggy.

sam said...

good one peg. i didn't figure you for someone who couldn't wait to open a present. i thought you'd play it cool. sam

Jane Congdon said...

I have often said that I don't have writer's block, Peggy, but what else do I call it when I let my blog slide and start pieces without finishing them? I still have ideas; it's the writing that's blocked. Ever since my shingles last fall, I don't seem to have the same old oomph. It will return; actually, I've spent most of my energy on my co-authoring project, working with my brother all winter on Mr. Joe. You will be fine. I didn't know when Mother's Day was, either, and I'm a mom and a grandma. Keep at it.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks, Jane! I am keeping at it, but it is difficult! I write every day. Most of the time, I don't like what I write, but I just keep on keepin' on! Can't wait for "Mr. Joe!"

Anonymous said...

Great blog. You should get writer's block more often!


Drema said...

Praying for you to get over the writers block, because your writings keeps my spirits up and as you know I need that right now. And I thought my mom was the only one who couldn't wait to open up gifts, she puts me in the mind of a child, especially at Christmas, she can't hardly wait until dinner is over to get to the gifts. So cute.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks, Drema! I appreciate the prayers. I can just imagine your mom being excited to open gifts. She is precious!