Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Merry Month of May

Well, here we are on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year. How time flies! It seems only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.

Some think May is the most beautiful month of the year, but I'm not one of them. October holds that distinction in my book! However, May has its merits. My mother was born in May. We also have a grandchild born in this lovely spring month.

Wild flowers are blooming, and the trees and grasses have turned green. Wild flowers that bloom in different parts of America are forsythia, dogwood, violets, and jack-in-the-box. Many birds have built their nests, and mother birds are sitting on the eggs, which will soon hatch.

We observe several special days in May. Mother’s Day is celebrated in honor of Mothers on the second Sunday of May.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated the third Saturday of May. The United States honors the men and women of the military services.

The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. It is the most famous horse race in the United States.

Many Mexican Americans celebrate what they call Cinco De Mayo, on May 5th. It is the anniversary of the Mexican victory over the French at Puebla in 1862. It is a national holiday in Mexico.

  • Emerald is the birthstone for May.

  • Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley are the flowers for the month of May.


I suppose the best thing about May in our part of the country is the mild weather. It's sunny most days, but rains a lot, too, which is good for the grass and the multitudes of flowers yet to come. Those who like to garden are in Heaven during this month.



Jim said...

Nice update on May facts peg. thanx. jim

Anonymous said...

Informative. Good post.

julie said...

I like the big spider sitting on the flower at the end peggy. he adds a lot! nice May facts! julie

sam said...

may is a good month. not to hot and not to cold. I like it. sam