Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Ducks Allowed

It's one of those “glowing” October afternoons. The oranges and yellows are projecting themselves through my windows and delivering a glow throughout the house. I wish there were a way to capture it so I could enjoy it on the grey days of winter. But I fear its ethereal beauty is not easily snared. So I’ll just have to drink it deeply into my senses, and recall it in the coldest and bleakest part of winter when the snow is falling.

With only twenty-five days left of the month I love most, I should be outside – soaking up the sunshine, but here I sit inside writing about it instead of experiencing it. What’s wrong with me?

Last October, on a day just like this one, my sweet daughter invited me to go to a nearby lake with her and her two children to enjoy the sights, smells and sunshine. I took her up on the offer and it was one of the most pleasant days I’ve ever had.

The lake is a 27 acre impoundment with a wooded hiking trail surrounding it. It is stocked with trout in January and March. Ducks glide gracefully on the water, enhancing its beauty year around. But it is especially lovely in autumn. There are also picnic facilities and drinking water.

On that radiant October day, we followed the trail around the hillside that overlooked the lake. The leaves were a multitude of colors. Many of them lay on the ground, some clung tenaciously to tree branches and others fell all around us as we walked. The path was narrow, so we walked single-file, the four of us. It was wonderful!

When we came out from under the trees into the sunshine, we walked to the other side of the lake to partake of the sandwiches we’d brought with us. We had worked up an appetite, but, as much as we wanted to eat, it was difficult fighting off the ducks. They came out of the water en masse quacking, snapping and following us around. There was no way to escape them. Just one piece of bread didn’t satisfy any of them either; they wanted all we had!  I, having a lifelong fear of winged creatures, finally threw my sandwich down and ran to the car. Laughing, the others stayed and fed the ducks bite by bite until their sandwiches were gone. By this time, we were all tired and ready to go home, especially since we were hungry and thirsty.

I came home, cooked dinner and settled down to rest. I was tired. But it was a special kind of weariness... the kind that makes you smile when you think about what caused it. I must contact my daughter and set up a time to repeat that special October afternoon. Soon!

But this time, we’ll eat somewhere else. No ducks allowed!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon peg and you tell it so well.

sam said...

Very nice. so your afraid of ducks. they won't hurt you peg. sam

Anonymous said...

You can't be afraid of ducks peggy. They're so sweet and gentle.

luella said...

You had a beautiful day with your daughter and grandchildren. Nothing like it! luella