Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quit Lollygagging

In a return e-mail today, a friend, who is taking a short trip this weekend, wrote, “I already have my clothes laid out. Typical.”

Her remark brought back memories that made me giggle as I thought about how different we all are. I never would have clothes laid out on Wednesday morning for a Friday trip! I’d be lucky if I knew what I was going to wear when I got up on Friday morning. I’ve always been that way. Sometimes we visit my daughter and her family in North Carolina and I usually pack the morning we’re leaving. How does one know for sure what the weather will be like, or what her mood will be until the very day—the very hour?  If it’s a rainy, dark morning, I’ll probably want to wear something bright, like red or yellow to cheer me up. But if it’s a sunny day, I can tone it down with softer colors.

My daughter, Toney, is just the opposite; she’s like my friend. We call her “Miss Efficiency.” When she’s going on a trip, she’s packed at least a week ahead, and everything is done that needs to be to make for a smooth departure. Nothing to worry about... but wait! She has a daughter just like me!

Uh-Oh! Jourdan inherited her grandmother’s worst traits. First, she doesn’t want to get out of bed. And when she does, she yawns, and groans and lingers over bed-making until Toney yells, “Quit lollygagging like your grandmother and get ready!” She’s usually the one who just has to have a particular pair of jeans washed at the last minute or must shampoo her hair. This drives Toney crazy!

Jourdan loves to spend a week with me in the summertime. We stay up late playing games, watching TV, or just talking. We eat too much, sleep as late as we want, and if she doesn’t make her bed, I close the door. We have fun! One summer, when I took her home, she slept late for days. Toney thought she was sick and took her to the doctor. The doctor didn’t find anything wrong. She was just very tired. Toney said she couldn’t come anymore. But she did.

They say history repeats itself. I suppose it does. My mother was efficient, like Toney. I drove her crazy, too. She often said to me, “You’re just like your dad,” who was easy-going, too.

I think hard-working, efficient people must live longer, considering my mother lived to be 85, and in good health until the last three years, while my father died at 63 after suffering five heart attacks. Perhaps I’d better change my ways. Nah! You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Besides, I’m having too much fun!


Jeanette said...

This is great peg. Can't figure you for a lollygagger though. You write so many stories. Love this one! Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Good story peg. You really have a way with words. Love your stories. said...

another good one. nice comparison. funny. charlie

sam said...

very good post peg. you amaze me! sam