Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Two ~ Saturday

Up early again. Who can sleep when so much is waiting to happen? Temps in the high 80’s. Breakfast by the pool in our pjs. Muffins, fruit, juice, coffee, and delightful conversation. Carol and I never tire of this breakfast or talking on and on about things we used to do and people we used to know. Sometimes, we even move on to the present, and talk about what’s going on in our lives now. That can be pleasant, too. Or not.

Carol has met a man. She likes him more than a little and he likes her, too. What can I say? If it gets any more serious than it already is, things will never be the same. We met our husbands about the same time in our lives, when we were very young. With her husband, Herb, gone, it’s like a spoke is missing from our wheel. He was one of us; this man is different. I don’t accept change easily, but it is not up to me, is it? I love Carol like a sister and if she can love this new man, I must at least try to like him. And I will. Try.

After breakfast, we donned our straw hats and headed for the beach again. We must have walked at least a mile watching sandpipers play in the surf and taking pictures. I got sunburned. Heading back to her house, hot and tired, we discussed what we’d do this evening. 

We had lunch, then a little rest before bathing and getting ready to go visit some of her children. Her daughter, Jena, had invited us to her house to watch what was predicted to be a lovely sunset. She lives on Merritt Island, which is also home to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, a major tourist attraction and launching point for NASA shuttles.

Jena brought finger foods and drinks to the dock where we sat on benches, talking, eating and waiting for the big show. I had my camera ready to take pictures when it was time. Jena had other guests, too. Nice people. I was asked to sign books, and was flattered.

The sunset was worth the wait. Spectacular!

We finally said our good-byes, complete with hugs all around, and left. Carol’s son, Greg, was expecting a visit from us also. On the way, we picked up pizza, which we enjoyed by the pool with Greg and his son, Matthew. This was also a nice visit. Carol has a very gracious family!

We arrived at her house pleasantly tired, got into our pajamas and sat for a while in the TV room, then went to bed early so we could get up early for church and another big day.

Tomorrow: Day three.


jim said...

This was a wonderful day wasn't it? Looks like you will have to get used to a new man in your friends life peg. Just put yourself in her place. Woudl you do the same thing?

Peggy~ said...

No Jim. I don't think I would. But I can't tell her what to do. Thanks for commenting.

sam said...

Yes you would peg. men would come running to you if you didn't have a husband. i bet they do anyway. sam

Mark said...

Nice description of your time with Carol. One feels your happiness and sadness at the same tiem. Mark

Anonymous said...

You write so well,Peggy. I'm a writer, too, but can't get the words together as well as you do. I love your stories.

patti said...

I read a lot of blogs but none as interesting as yours. don't ever stop.

Peggy~ said...

Thank you all for your nice comments.