Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Four~Monday

I could have slept all day. Still tired, I forced myself to get up at 8:30~ a time that doesn’t exist for me when I’m at home. I wanted to make the most of my last day with Carol.

As I was making my bed, she knocked on my door, “Are you up?” 

I opened the door, threw both arms in the air and faked a big smile. We both giggled. 

“Coffee’s ready,” she said.

Off to the kitchen I went, still in my pajamas. She was in hers, too. It was raining. How apropos, after we’d decided to make this our “stay at home day!”  What could be better than a rainy day? There would be no rushing, no make-up, no deciding what to wear – just sheer relaxation and enjoying each other’s company.

It may not sound exciting, but it was a wonderful day! We had a leisurely breakfast, and then sat on the sofa talking about everything we could think of – past and present. We watched the video of Herb again, both of us teary-eyed. We discussed our families in depth... and Carol explained her feelings for Dave. I hadn’t told her how I felt about the relationship, but we could never keep secrets from each other. She knew. And she wanted me to approve.

I had made friends with Teddy, her cute little Shih Tzu, and spent some time petting him and taking pictures - for which he willingly posed.

The day evaporated. Raindrops steadily splattered the pool for hours as we talked, and soon it was dinner time. We weren’t hungry, but decided to have a light dinner, take our baths and then wind the day up by watching a couple of videos of musicians that we enjoyed in our youth.

We loved the old music, which brought back a lot of memories. It was late when we finished watching the videos, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to say good-night, so we talked for at least another hour while savoring a big bowl of cherry ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it. Scrumptious!

When she’d gone to bed, I did some packing and read for a while. Although I knew tomorrow would be long and tiring, I didn’t want to go to sleep. I was painfully aware that when I awakened, it would be just a few hours before we'd have to leave for the airport and say, "Good-bye."

Sometime between 3:30 and 4 a.m., I fell asleep.


sam said...

I feel the sadness in this post peg. what good friends you two are. that's so nice.

Anonymous said...

I almost cried. You really make the reader feel what you feel. what a talent.

Anonymous said...

a perfect day. a perfect memory. what do yuo have against Dave?

jenny said...

Your visit is about over and one feels your sadness. You two will get together again sometime. don't be sad.