Sunday, August 29, 2010

Past vs. Present

I once read that you know you're getting old when you talk more about the past than you do the present. By that definition, I'm there! It seems that everything I see, everything I hear, and everything that happens brings to mind a story from the past. It doesn't bother me. Remembering is therapeutic. But I don't want to bore others with my continuous stories.

My grandson and I were playing a game the other evening when I started to recall something from my past. He said, "We could stop playing so I can listen to your life stories." He's fifteen years old and I suspected that was a sarcastic comment, but didn't pursue it. Why ask for a blow to my ego?

It's not a want as much as a need, this reliving the past. I'm sure that my stories are not very important to others, but for me, it's as if I must hurry as fast as I can and record them for anyone who cares enough to listen or read them. While I haven't found a cure for cancer or written a best selling novel (tho' it's not too late), I have lived! And it's been a good life. I will leave behind several children and grandchildren. Perhaps one of them will do something great. And if they don't, it's okay. I encourage them to be the very best they can be, but most of all to live one day at a time, gathering as much joy as possible from each one! 

I wonder... do all aging people feel this way? Or am I unique?

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Anonymous said...

my grandmother talks about her childhood all the time, but I like her stories. I like yours to peggy.