Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Hour at Coonskin Park

One beautiful day in May 2007,
Chase and I went to Coonskin Park to take pictures. It was a perfect sunny day!  Although we stayed only an hour, we enjoyed every second!

I got tired and had to rest on a park bench, but Chase walked around the lake.  That's him waving from the other side.

Chase, feeding the fish...

 If you look closely, you’ll see ducks on the other side.

Chase wanted to follow the tracks back into the woods, but I didn't think it looked safe and talked him out of it.

This was a most unforgettable day with my grandson!

A beautiful view of the lake with the WV hills in the background.

Who says you have to get into your car and drive for hours to enjoy yourself?
Carpe Diem!

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Anonymous said...

Seize the Day! You're so right Peg.
You never have to go very far to enjoy yourself. It looks like you had fun. it was a lovely day.