Friday, October 3, 2014

What I Love


 Can’t paint a charming portrait
Or sing a lilting song
But I can tell you what I love
If you’d like to tag along.
I love a cool crisp morning
When autumn comes around
The twinkling of an early frost
And leaves upon the ground.
An azure sky excites my senses,
A pumpkin wet with dew
A sunny, cloudless afternoon
A field of cornstalks, too.
When mountains are emblazoned
With colors warm and bright
Their splendor can’t be hidden
Even from the night.

As autumn leaves are falling
Each one a different shade
Who wouldn’t marvel at the sight
Our wondrous God has made?
It emerges early in October
This awe-inspiring view
I love it, oh, so very much
I hope you love it, too!

     Some of you already know the poem from Sweet Whispers of Youth, but I don't see any reason not to use it again since it's October again! 



Anne said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Peggy! The picture and the poem. Lovely!

Pam said...

Fantastic post! Love it!

Dennis J. said...

You are so clever Peggy. You're even artistic in the way you put your blog posts together. the colors and all. It's really nice.

Sandie Morris Bills said...

That is great!

Claire Swenson said...

I do love it too!

MJ said...

Very nice poem! You are very talented!