Friday, October 10, 2014

Anyone for Skinny Dipping?

A friend of mine and her husband live in a house with a private pool. It’s enclosed with screen and has a seven foot privacy fence all around it, so her husband thought nothing of it one recent warm morning, when he stepped out of his pajama bottoms and into the pool as naked as the day he was born.
“Ah, how refreshing!” Jon said to his wife when she entered the screened-in enclosure, coffee cup in-hand. Just as she was about to get comfortable on a chair beside the pool and sip her coffee, he said, “C’mon in. The water’s great!”
Looking around, Jean said, “I don’t know. What if someone sees us?”
“How? It's totally private here. It’s not possible.”
So Jean got up from her chair, smiled as she untied her robe and, letting it fall from her shoulders, stepped into the pool.
“How right you are!” she said. “It’s wonderful!” Then she turned around and swam to the other end of the pool and stood up. Looking back toward Jon, she was horrified to see that on the roof of the house next door, there was a man looking down at her. She felt her face flush and quickly swam toward Jon.
“Look,” she said softly, “Someone’s on the neighbor’s roof. He can see us!”
Jon laughed and said, “You want to go inside?”
“No way!” she said. “I’m not coming out of the water until he gets off the roof!”
“What difference does it make? He’s already seen us.”
“You go in if you want, but I’m staying right here until he’s gone!”
"Okay," said Jon, and, after enjoying the warm water a few more minutes, he got out and hurried inside. 
I don’t know how long Jean stayed in the water, but scuttlebutt has it that Jon’s bowling team enjoyed the story that evening -- especially the part about the man staying on the roof for more than two hours -- not even coming down for a lunch break.


Dennis J. said...

Hilarious Peggy! Poor Jean. She must have been miserable. Good post.

Luella said...

How funny. I can't stop laughing just thinking about Jean's surprise when she saw that man. said...

Great! You write the best stories peggy. Keep them coming.

Sandie Morris Bills said...

Lol that's to funny!

Jane M. said...

Beautiful! and so well written. My husband and I have laughed all day at this one.

Unknown said...

Strange . . . I see no comment from Jean . . . but then, maybe she's gritting her teeth too hard to type.


Peggy~ said...

No doubt she is!

Carol, I mean Jean said...

Sorry, I couldn't comment. I just got out of the pool.