Saturday, September 1, 2018

Ah, September~

Ah, September~
A person who was a great influence on my life often said, “The days are long but the years are short.” As a child, I let those words roll off me like beads of rain without giving any thought to what they meant; all I wanted was for the important days like Christmas and my birthday and the last day of school to hurry up and come - but all the good stuff seemed to take forever!
However, getting older changed my perception of time and now I know how true that statement is. The years disappear like water down a drain and I find myself wondering where they went. I can hardly believe it’s time to say goodbye to the eighth month of this year and move on to the ninth, one of my favorites. 

Many people complain. “Oh, my!” they say, “That means winter is right around the corner,” but I’m not one of those. I love September and the beauty that follows. Here in West Virginia, it is more beautiful than anything else I can imagine. Almost Heaven!

Get ready for some gradual changes. 

First, the light changes. Suddenly, you notice there is a soft golden glow instead of the harsh, hot, eye-straining yellow of midsummer. Then there is the silence – the lovely silence, delightful cerulean skies, cooler nights — and an air of expectancy! 

If you combine these golden days with refreshing silence and the still colorful, though declining, flower gardens, you have September days that seem—almost sacred.

It is a restful time. I like to visit a small man-made lake in my town where I sit on a bench beside the water and watch ducks glide gracefully across the reflection of a clear blue sky adorned with puffy white clouds. As I savor this moment in time, my mind is free of worry and stress and I feel very close to God.

“Ah, September, you are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul, though I must admit I love you only because you are the prelude to my beloved October.” ~ pth ©2010 


Valerie Gould said...

Love your posts, Peggy!

Peggy~ said...

Thank you, Valerie!