Sunday, October 19, 2014

Looking for a Hairpin?

While rearranging my closet yesterday, I ran across an old purse that I hadn’t used for a long time and was just about to put it with my other often used handbags when I noticed that it had a small tear right on the front of it. So out it went into the throw-away pile.
You’re probably wondering why I didn’t throw it away when it got torn instead of throwing it back in my closet, aren’t you? Well, that’s the kind of person I am. I can’t bear to throw things away that I like or that I think someone else might use. Call me a keeper. A pack-rat.
I have trouble getting rid of things. Mr. H. often remarks that he’s glad I’m like that ‘cause if I weren’t, he might have been gone a long time ago. He’s jesting, of course!  J
Anyhoo, the purse was going now. But first, I had to look through all of the things I’d left in it when I relegated it to the back of the closet.
Mr. H. said, “Why don’t you just throw all that trash away with the purse?”
“Well, that would be silly,” I said. “You know I sometimes find a $20. bill hidden in a zippered compartment of a purse.” Who knows why or when I put them there? Or why I forget about them? But it has happened a few times.”
So I sat down and started taking things out of the purse. I actually did find money: a dime and four pennies – a grand total of 14 cents! Won’t even buy a pack of gum!
Ah, but it was fascinating checking out the things that had been in that old purse for a number of years.
I found:
A cough drop, two packages of Sweet’N Low, a tea bag, a wash and dry “moist disposable towel,” a rubber band, an emery board, (never know when you’ll need one), a mascara wand, an empty prescription bottle – dated 11/29/07, a red and white striped paper clip, an unfilled prescription for some kind of eye drops – can’t read the doctor’s writing, two plastic forks, two knives, a spoon, two napkins and a plastic straw, (you should always be prepared to eat a meal should one be offered), a “save $10. coupon on your next purchase of $50 at Elder-Beerman – valid until 1/4/09,” a voided check to Wal-Mart for $30.97 – dated Dec. 22, 2006, a Poca UMC Joy/Concern Offering Slip, a small address book (none of the numbers are still valid), a receipt from Nitro Supermarket – dated 6/14/06, and last – and also least, a rubber-tipped bobby pin (hairpin). I was excited about this item. It wasn’t so long ago that I looked everywhere for just one hairpin to hold an errant strand of hair away from my face. But there didn’t seem to be one in the house.
Little did I know.
You just never know what’s lurking in your old purses. Take an hour and check them out. Even if you don’t find a forgotten $20. bill or anything else of value, you’ll at least have a laugh or two, stir up some memories...
And be reminded of how quickly the years disappear.


Susan said...

Yes I know what you're talking about Peggy. It's fun and one wonders why women keep so much stuff. Good post!

Jim said...

Nice post. Men don't get it but we can appreciate the humor.

Jane Estep said...

We've all been there but I never put money away and don't find it till later. that must be nice.

Paula said...

Good post as usual Peg!!!

Sandie Bills said...

lol I've done this before, love going through old purses.

Unknown said...

Peggy, you can take a boring, unimportant piece of life and turn it into something to really grab us. And you do it time and again.