Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let it Rain!

    If I had a job, I'd call in sick today. It’s a monsoon out there!
I know rain is necessary but who likes it?  Even animals hide out. And where do birds go when it’s raining? They’re certainly not out there flying around twittering and singing.
I suppose it wouldn’t be quite so bad if the sun were shining. I don’t think it’s the actual rain that bothers us. It’s the dreariness. Our moods react to the weather, I’m afraid.
My grandmother used to say, “There’s some good in everything, if you just look for it.” So I decided, since the day isn't good for anything else, I'd do just that. And, just like she said - I found some good in rain.
When rain falls over the land, it follows various routes. Some of it evaporates, returning to the atmosphere, some seeps into the ground, and the remainder becomes surface water, traveling to oceans and lakes by way of rivers and streams. Approximately 97% of the earth’s water is stored in the oceans, and only a fraction of the remaining portion is usable freshwater. Therefore...
If we didn’t have rain, where would we get our drinking water? While it may be an inconvenience, it is absolutely essential for providing us with water for drinking.
Not only do humans need rain but so does the earth. Without rain, the earth would run out of water. Eventually, it would all be evaporated by the sun and the whole world would turn into one big desert wasteland!
I think nature, which we take for granted, is wonderfully interesting.
Do you know there are specially adapted leaves called “drip tip leaves” that grow on plants in the rainforest? They have a curved, bent down surface, which allows the rain to fall and trickle down the leaf. The rain then drops off, aiming at the plants. 
Without rain, there would be no plants and without plants, there would be no oxygen. We need oxygen to breathe and, as we breathe it in, we exhale carbon dioxide, which plants need. A necessary life cycle! 
Every facet of nature aids another in staying alive. It seems to be a common goal – or more specifically – God’s plan!
Isn't rain wonderful?



Dennis J. said...

And aren't you wonderful to figure all this out and share it with your readers!!!! I love it.

Janet said...

Good post peggy, as always. I miss not seeing them as often as I used to.Guess you must be busy with your books.

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Loved it Peggy.

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you did a wonderful job Peggy

Jon said...

educational and entertaining. I love it peg.

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good post my friend. sam

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Good information - like something my kids would learn in school. Thanx!