Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It Has To Be Just Right

Some nights I can’t sleep. This is one of them. To be honest, I don’t know if the problem is that I “can’t” sleep or I “don’t want” to sleep.

Yes I do.

The truth is, I’d rather not sleep. I have too many things on my mind. I often wonder what clicks in my brain around 2 a.m. that opens my creative valve. And I wonder why music is better in the middle of the night than it is in the middle of the day. Now there’s something to ponder...

I remind myself how terrible I feel the next day when I stay up until four or five a.m., but right at this moment, I feel great so what does it matter how I’ll feel tomorrow? Aren’t I the one always telling others to live for the moment? One day at a time? Yeah, that’s me! So I should practice what I preach, right?

And so... with Patsy Cline belting out one of her classics, I start typing.

“Are you about ready for bed?” asks Mr. H.

“Yeah, soon,” I answer. Looking at the clock, I see it’s almost 3: a.m. I remember that I didn’t go to bed the past two nights until around 5: a.m.

I’ve got to turn over a new leaf, I tell myself. I’m tired all the time. No energy. Better sleeping habits would help, I’m sure.

I keep writing. A little blog post about the birth of my daughter’s baby. I couldn’t leave it in the middle, could I? I’d lose my momentum by morning.

It’s short and I finish it quickly. Now to find a picture. Sometimes that takes longer than writing the story. It has to be “just right.”

I finally add a picture of a sweet little baby – wrapped in white. So cute! I’m happy with it. I post it and link it to Facebook. Comments start coming in.

Others like it, too.

It’s an upbeat vignette that makes people happy. I like that!

I look at the clock. It’s 4:40 a.m. I finally call it a night. My last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are ~

What will I write about tomorrow?


Jen said...

Creative people are different. we know that. I guess sleep isn't as important as creating. Nice post, Peggy.

Sally said...

I read that post about your grandchild being born. It was worth stying up for. Very good. I'm thankful that some people are creative like you. And it does make the resst of us happy.

Anonymous said...

When do you sleep peg?

sam said...

its you peg. definitely you. i like it. sam

Dana said...

Most creative people don't sleep. I'm one too. I understand how you feel peggy. I paint late into the night and sometimes fall asleep on the sofa in my studio. Keep writing.