Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Springtime!

No doubt about it~ March definitely came in like a lamb! Here in my little part of the world, at three o’clock this afternoon, it was a sunny 48 degrees. Just lovely! Makes one feel good after a long, cold, snowy winter. From my living room window, I can see buds on both my ornamental pear tree and forsythia bush. Golden daffodils surround my mailbox. The world suddenly seems brighter.
At this time of year, things change quickly. By the first of April, we’ll probably see a wealth of yellow dandelions, purple violets and redbud trees. A little later, there will be bright yellow blooms on the forsythia bushes and trees will start to flower; then will come dogwood, cherry blossoms and lilacs. Ah, lilacs – my very favorite! I can think of no sweeter fragrance in springtime!

It got much cooler this evening, of course. It’s about thirty-four degrees now, but still not like what we had a month ago. There’s something exciting about these changes in temperatures and daylight.

I suppose all seasons, like all people, have some good in them. If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know that I truly love fall and winter, but when spring arrives with its sunny days and budding flowers and trees, it’s difficult not to love it, too. The seasons sometimes remind me of my children; I love each of them differently—for their various qualities.

Someone once asked my grandmother if she loved any of her five children more than the others.  She said, “I love the one more who needs me the most at any given time.” I never forgot that, but it was only after I had my own children that I fully understood it.

While seasons can’t really need us, the important thing is that we have the capacity to love many different things or people at the same time. Our love should radiate like the sun, warming everything it touches.

Welcome sweet springtime!


jeanette said...

This is beautiful peggy. especially the last two paragraphs. You write such pretty words. wish I could.

sam said...

excellent peg. you touch our hearts again. sam

Anonymous said...

very nice. i love it.

phyllis said...

Like you peggy, i prefer fall, but you do make March seem inviting. You write so beautifully.

GrandmaS said...

When we are in tune with the changes that happen around us - like the varying seasons or a child or a person who needs some special attention, then we are truly living a full life.

Peggy~ said...

I love your comment SVM... and totally agree with it. Thanks!