Saturday, January 6, 2018

Alien Ornament - 2017

“What the heck is that?” I asked when Mr. H. showed me an ornament he’d just pulled from the back of our Christmas tree.

Laughing, he said, “What do you think? Looks like another alien ornament to me!”

“But what is it?” said I.

Taking it from his hands, I examined it carefully but still couldn’t give it a name. With its large eyes, it looked somewhat like an owl, but there was also pine, two miniature pine cones and four red berries.

Grabbing my phone, I took a picture and sent it to my son. Alien ornament, I wrote. He wrote back, “I love it! Funny, but somehow endearing. It may be the best one yet!”

As we continued dismantling the tree, Mr. H. and I laughed and laughed at the newest member of our Alien Ornament family. It was really cute! Even though this year marks more than a decade of finding a strange ornament on our tree when we take it down, we are always surprised and totally delighted to find it! 

And now, after we admire it a while, this one will be wrapped lovingly in tissue paper and packed away with the others in the box I labeled “Alien Ornaments – 2007 – 2016” last year – but changed this year to “Special Ornaments.”

I cherish these frivolous little gifts from an unknown source and hope that one day, when Mr. H. and I are no longer able to hang them on our Christmas tree, the person or persons responsible for them will give them a special place on their tree.

And may they get as much pleasure from doing so as we have!  

Last year's ornament here


Margaret S. said...

I figured this would be coming soon. Love your new ornament. I'd say it's an owl A very cute one! Love the post, Peggy.

Marie said...

Love it, Peggy! Your son is right. It is awfully cute! You are so lucky that someone cares enough to do something like this for more that 10 years.

Dennis J. said...

Ha Ha. I really like this one, Peg. The longer they come, the better they get.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks everyone. I love this ornament, too! I love all of eleven of them! :)