Friday, April 22, 2016

The Box!

It’s here!
Yep, the box that arrives every year about this time was delivered to my door this morning – a day early!
And now I have a decision to make: I can either go ahead and open it or bite my lip and wait until tomorrow, which is what daughter, Toney, always tells me I should do.
She used to send the box at least a week early. It tormented me having that mysterious package in my house for days without knowing what was in it. I tried putting it in a room where I didn’t see it without purposely going into that room, but I knew it was there (it seemed to be calling my name), so that’s exactly what I did – visited that room on purpose! I’d hold the package and shake it and try to figure out what was in it and then, when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I’d rip it open.
I didn’t tell her and hoped she wouldn’t ask, but she always did and I couldn’t lie to her. So... she started outsmarting me by sending them closer to my birthday!
Party pooper!
The package I got this morning has me stumped. I carried it around, shook it, smelled it and listened to it, but don’t have a clue what’s in it. It’s heavy. I’m certain she wouldn’t have bought me an iron or a pair of dumbbells. I already have both. Hmmmmm.... what could it be?
One thing for sure – these boxes from her are always interesting. She has a real imagination when it comes to gift-buying. Wish I had it. I tend to buy one thing, usually something the receiver tells me he or she would like to have. No surprises from me. But Toney buys something you’ve mentioned plus a lot of little surprises. Makes it so much fun to open her gifts – and that’s why it’s so hard to wait!!!
Will I or won’t I?  
Let you know tomorrow. 


Linda said...

This is so cute, Peggy! My mother was like that about presents. This makes me think of her. Happy Birthday!

Janet said...

Wonderful fun post! Happy Birthday!

Dennis J. said...

Love it! Please let us know what you found in that important box. Happy Birthday!

Claire Swenson said...

How heavy is it?

Peggy~ said...

Well, I didn't weigh it until you asked, but then I did.(Smile) Looks like four pounds. (Smile)