Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Already?

It was a lovely morning!

When I stepped out the front door of my house for the first time in about three weeks, I couldn’t believe it. Without turning my head too far, I could see two dogwood trees in full bloom, one white and one pink, a large ornamental pear tree covered with white blossoms, a portly forsythia bush loaded with golden blooms, two purple tulips – all I have left from years of neglect, and a large rhododendron bush – heavy with buds. The sunny day was warm and breezy, the sky blue.
“It’s spring!” I told Mr. H.

“It sure is,” he said. “Has been for a while. You almost missed it.”
We drove to my doctor’s office, about a mile away, so I could “give blood” and were back in less than an hour.
Out of the car I bounced, feeling good... enjoying the day... and headed into the house. Inside, as I put my purse down on the floor, I saw something move. Looking closer, I saw a stinkbug that had apparently hitched a ride on my purse. Mr. H. grabbed the intruder and threw him back outside and I said, “Now you see why I like cold weather better.”
Those of you who know me, even slightly, know that I prefer winter over summer. The stinkbug reminded me of some of the reasons: bugs, lizards, snakes, flies, gnats; hot, sticky weather; thunderstorms that uproot trees and cause damage to property; allergies and sunburn and freckles, leathery skin and much more!
Give me the freshness of fall and winter any day. 
I don’t care who disagrees with me or yells at me when I say I love snow. I don’t care how many Christmas cards I get from friends who live in Florida with pictures of palm trees blowing in the breeze or how many jokes they post on Facebook about how they prefer looking at pictures of our 18” snowfall while sitting by their swimming pool sipping piña coladas. I’d rather curl up in front of a roaring fire, sip hot chocolate and watch a good movie.
Unfortunately for me, hot weather started unusually early this year. It’s already been in the 80’s several times. I’m not ready, but guess I have no choice but to take it as it comes. However, I’ll be spending most of my time inside an air conditioned house until, oh... about mid-August when the hint of fall starts to permeate the air and one can go outside without feeling breathless or sticky.
The good news is – time flies and it’ll be here before we know it.


Dennis J. said...

You are so funny Peggy. I love that way you hate summer and the way you describe it. Great post as always.

Jeanette said...

I hate all those bugs and things too Peg, but I hate cold weather more. Guess we're never really happy are we? Good one!

Maria said...

I agree Peggy. Hate hot sticky summer. Fall is my time!