Friday, July 10, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

While checking on posts of some of my Facebook friends a little while ago, I ran across an amusing one and felt like sharing it.
Bobby, a lifelong friend of my son’s, posted a picture. Seems he got all the way to work one day before he looked down and saw this:
His explanation: his dog, Betty, an adorable little black pug, had distracted him. We’ll buy that, Bobby.  It could happen to any of us. 
I think we’ve all done something similar.
Many years ago, at Christmastime, my daughter, Tish, and I, in a festive mood and feeling kind of silly, went with Mr. H. to pick up an item at the grocery store. We didn’t intend to get out of the car, just went along for the ride and to enjoy the Christmas lights. Just before we left, I grabbed a red velvet bow, not
exactly like, but similar to this one: clipped it to my hair, right in front and said, “Let’s go.” My daughter giggled and we got in the car. But alas, you never know what will happen on any given jaunt and we had an unexpected mishap! A lady barreled out of a side street and hit our car in the side! No one was hurt and the damage was minimal. Nevertheless, it was frightening for a few seconds and even more upsetting because our car was new!
So outta the car I bounced and, while Mr. H. took care of all the boring stuff like
exchanging insurance companies, addresses and phone numbers, I walked around and around surveying the damage to our new car. Tish stayed in the car. At one point, I looked through the window at her and she was laughing so hard and pointing to her head. It took a few seconds for my brain to process her message, but it finally hit me! I had been parading around out there for ten minutes – with that big hideous red bow perched on my head! I immediately dashed for the car, my face as red as the bow, but I don’t know why I bothered. All the spectators had already witnessed my stupid look! I pulled the bow out of my hair and we laughed until tears ran down our faces. 

I just committed my latest blunder in May when I was rushing to get Mr. H. to the hospital for surgery at 5 a.m. I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say that, after being at the hospital for a couple of hours, I discovered that I had put my shirt on over my pajama top. I somehow managed to wriggle out of it inconspicuously, and stash it in my purse. Felt a lot better after that. It was awfully bulky!

Feel better now, Bobby?  


Sally said...

That's hilarious peggy. Yes, I'm afraid we all do things like that occasionally. That's what keeps us humble, they say. Enjoyable post.

Anonymous said...

When you do something like this, it embarrasses you and makes you feel silly but in the long run, it's fun, isn't it? It's things like the bow in your hair and the pajama top under your shirt that you'll laugh about on cold nights when you're old and possibly alone.

Luella said...

Your friend's mismatched shoes were hilarious! I'd be mortified if that happened to me. Lol.

Karen Frazier said...

Oh, Peggy, so true! We've all done things like this!!

Peggy~ said...

Yes, I know, but I seem to do more than my share! (smile)

Karen Frazier said...

But look at how many awesome stories you have to write about! LOL. Love you, Peggy! ♡♡

Peggy~ said...

Love you, too, gal! heart emoticon

Sandie Morris Bills said...

lol that's great

Claire Swenson said...

LOL I'm so glad yo know you Ma'am! I wore my shirt inside out to work once but no one noticed.....I keep telling myself one noticed