Monday, August 26, 2013

Who Will Take Grandma?

   Who will take Grandma? Who
will it be?
   All of us want her; I’m sure
you’ll agree!
   Let’s call a meeting. Let’s
gather the clan,
   Let’s get it settled, as soon as
we can.
   In such a big family, there’s
certainly one,
   Willing to give her a place in
the sun. 

   Strange how we thought she’d
never wear out,
   But see how she walks, it’s
arthritis, no doubt.
   Her eyesight has faded, her
memory’s dim,
   She’s apt to insist on the
silliest whim.
   When people get older, they
become such a care!
   She must have a home, but
the question is where?
    Remember the days when she
used to be spry?
   Baked her own cookies, made
her own pies?
   Helped us with lessons and
mended our seams;
   Kissed away troubles and
patched-up our dreams.
   Wonderful Grandma! We all
loved her so;
   Isn’t it dreadful she’s no place
to go? 

   One little corner is all she
would need
   A shoulder to cry on, her Bible
to read,
   A chair by the window with
sun coming through;
   Some pretty spring flowers
still covered with dew,
   Who’ll warm her with love so
she won’t mind the cold?
   Oh! Who will take dear Grandma
now that she’s old? 

   What? Nobody wants her? Oh
yes, there is One
   Willing to give her a place in
the sun.
   Where she won’t have to worry
or wonder or doubt,
   And she won’t be our problem
to bother about.
   Pretty soon now, God will give
her a bed,
   But who’ll dry our tears when
dear Grandma is dead?

                     ~Author Unknown



Susan said...

This goes on in so many families. Its so sad. great post Peggy.

Anonymous said...

Something to think about. Many people don't take care of their elderly like they should.

sam said...

nice peg. sam said...

Everyone loves grandma until she gets old and senile. It's sad and unfair but people are cruel.

Cheryl FiftySix said...

Absolutey poignant.

Diane Rollins said...


Carol Sue Uitos said...

Hits close to home as my Mom is in a nursing home..her decision, but hard for all of us.

Peggy~ said...

Sorry to hear that, Carol Sue. I'm sure it is hard on everyone, but what a great lady she must be... to make that decision herself!

Carol Sue Uitos said...

She is a great Lady. Mom is 95 and was living at home with my brother until July. She requires more care than any of us could provide. One of us tries to be there for her meal times. She is still one sharp cookie and lets us know when we should be towing the line !

Peggy~ said...

How lucky you are to have such a mother! It's wonderful that her mind is still good at 95! God Bless her!

Carol Sue Uitos said...

She enjoys hearing about my fb friends and even has her own e-mail that we take dictation for !

Peggy~ said...

That's so great! Tell her one of your fb friends sends her love and best wishes!