Friday, August 23, 2013

A Disturbing Dream

I worry about things.
I worry about world hunger, global warming, child molestation, cruelty to animals, the suicide rate and a whole host of other things. I know I’m not supposed to worry, but can’t seem to help it. I believe, when consciences were handed out, I was mistakenly given mine and someone else’s, too.
It upsets me when people mistreat others. I wonder why everyone can’t treat everyone else fairly.
I had a disturbing dream last night about a woman I knew a long time ago. She was married to a very nice man. They had three children, a lovely home and both of them had good jobs. To outsiders, it looked like a fairy-tale marriage.
And then one day, the woman shocked everyone she knew by walking off and leaving it all for a man she’d fallen head-over-heels for at her place of employment. She never looked back!
The husband was devastated! And so was I. How could she do such a thing? I wondered. It’s just wrong!
But life goes on.
And so it did. The husband survived, the children grew up, went to school and spent time with both parents. Eventually, the husband remarried.
Apparently, the woman was happy with the man she left her husband for because they’re still together today, after many years.
All’s well that ends well, you might say. So why am I still thinking about the incident and having related dreams that upset me?
I honestly don’t know. It’s not easy for me to forget about injustice.
I worry about things.


Sarah said...

Oh Peggy, this is written with such feeling. You do care about people. It shows. Bless you!

Dennis J. said...

You are a very caring person. Good post. said...

Don't worry to much. it makes you old and there's nothing you can do about most things anyway.

JimBob said...

don't worry about her peg. she didn't care about anyone but herself. good job.

sam said...

i like this post peg. very good. sam

Joy Kiser said...

I can relate to the worrying. My mind is never quiet. It zaps the energy. Love your post Peggy.

Peggy~ said...

Thanks, Joy! You're right about worry sapping the energy. It's a hard habit to break though.

Claire Swenson said...

Worry about nothing. Pray about everything. Easy to say but,....